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How to tell your family.

OK, I have a dilemma that really need some suggestions with and I'm hoping some of you have had to deal with so I can get a personal experience on it. I have two small children, one is 6 and the other is 5. I sat down with both kids and explained that dad had something wrong with something inside of him. I found a picture of the bladder and than a illustration of an IC bladder and that it causes pain and dad to pee all the time. \nI left it at that for awhile till one day they found my supply of diapers and began to ask more questions. My daughter flat out asked me if I wore diapers and at first I told her yes and gave her a short answer. Then I got in the car and drove over 50 miles one way. Once I settled down I came back home and explained to her that part of my condition was I can't hold my pee anymore and things just don't work the right way anymore. I explained it was like there friend in the wheel chair, that his legs don't work like they used to. Then how grandpa was sick and in the hospital and he needed a diaper for a little while. She seemed to get that and it has not come back up with her anymore. \nMy son the 5 year old is a different matter. I think he is ADD and he doesn't possess things as well as she does. I am worried if I go into a lot of detail he will get curious and develop a diaper fetish wanting to be more like dad. Also I can picture him making a joke of it and saying something at the wrong time or to the wrong person. \nI could really use some help and fresh ideas here.
by   Rope_Wrench  |   Nov 26 2012 04:16 AM   Likes (0)
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