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How would you dispose diapers in public

Not sure if anyone else has the same worry but like with me I wear the depends real fit underwear yes they feel just like real underwear I like them a lot but not sure how to take changing them in public use to have small wettings where I could keep the diaper on for around four to five wetting then changing but now it's like two wettings and its needing a change I am in public a lot what are some good ways to change the pull-up with out everyone looking at me weird when I go to dispose of the pull-up in the trash or do most put back in changing bag to dispose of it in household trash. One other thing is that if there is any way to make them more environmentally friendly even if the cost would go up I'd buy them still not sure if anyone else has a massive landfill right out there back door but here in Oshkosh wi the landfill has now closed do to the size of it. It would most likely be half the size if we didn't have to put all our diapers in to the landfill. That's the only choice we have here is landfill everything soon there's going to be to many landfills in the earth to make it in livable or all our water will be polluted with crap \n\nStory short I have two questions!!\n1 how to dispose of them in public?\n2 anyway to make them so we do have to landfill them all the time ?
by   Depend Team  |   Feb 25 2015 06:00 PM   Likes (0)
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