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IBS issues and Depends

I have had to deal with IBS since I was in middle school, but during travelling...even going to work I usually wear depends briefs so as to relieve my anxiety a bit and helps with not always looking to see where the nearest bathrooms are.\n\nThis might be an odd question, but as I do tend to wear depend briefs since they would contain the most if my IBS acts up....what do people tend to do if they need to urinate while wearing a depends brief for IBS issues...I find the briefs tapes, once stuck tend to rip while attempting to remove them, so that's usually not an option....\n\nJust trying to get an idea of what others do, I sometimes just find a restroom and take the brief off, however so its not obvious that i'm wearing a disposable brief I don't take a backpack into the bathroom or anything and tend to suffer the rest of the trip without protection, thus find myself again, looking for restrooms the entire rest of the trip and praying I don't have an episode...
by   maverick04  |   Jun 23 2013 11:28 PM   Likes (0)
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