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Knee replacement surgery

Next Tuesday, July 9, I'm going into hospital to have my right knee removed and replaced with a mechanical one. Provided that there are no complications, they tell me to expect to be in hospital about 5 days, plus possibly another week in a rehabilitation hospital if becoming able to walk and climb stairs doesn't progress fast enough to allow me to go home after 5 days. \n\nThe prospect of surgery is scary. My incontinence is the result of a surgical misadventure when I was 14 years old. So I'm naturally pretty apprehensive about what might go wrong this time. This will also be my first extended hospital stay in more than 30 years. Thirty-five years ago, the hospital kept me in cloth diapers after I wet the bed a couple if time. This time, of course I'll be in disposables. I hope that they will let me wear my Abenas that I will bring in from home. But if they insist that I wear whatever the hospital provides, I'll have to go along with it. \n\nWish me luck! And if you're religious, I would also appreciate a prayer.
by   Nick  |   Jul 07 2013 06:00 PM   Likes (0)
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