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Mornin drives are sometimes difficult

Lately I started to wear diapers when I have to go for a long drive ( an hour an hour an a half ). \n\nI find it most difficult early in the morning and worst after my breakfast coffee. On saturday mornings I drive to the cottage with my wife ( an hour drive ) but she always want to stop at the grocery store. This is when I start to feel unconfortable and somtimes it is just too much and I cant hold back and I start to leak. \n\nOnce I have wet my diaper, even just a wee bit, it gets worst. When my diaper is wet I will repeatly wet and sometimes without noticing untill is almost done. \n\nI have the same hurges at work or at home but there, I have access to the facilities On the afternoon it is not as bad. \n\nAnyone else have that kind of problem?
by   Roger127  |   Apr 21 2014 06:00 PM   Likes (0)
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