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my TSA inspection

I suffer from OAB due to detrusor instability. With medication I stay dry most of the time but occasionally will have a sudden and uncontrollable large release from my bladder. I fly frequently and to be safe I usually wear a disposable brief (an adult diaper) even though it is usually overkill. I have been screened many times with the full body scanner and patted down many other times. On a few occasions, if I was being patted down, I have mentioned my "protection" and passed without further scrutiny. Never an issue until last week. While waiting in the security line I had a strong bladder spasm and and a large release of urine into the diaper. After I emerged from the scanner the TSA officer (a female) asked if I was carrying liquids in my clothing. I explained my condition and what had happened. (In the past, I found it embarrassing to just tell a TSA employee that I was wearing an adult incontinence garment but now I was also announcing that I had wet myself.) She called over another (male) officer (the boss, I guess) and quietly explained the situation to him. He told me that the scanner was unable to tell what was under my clothing and that "further review" was required. I asked him what that meant and he asked me to get my bag and follow him. I was taken through an office area into a small room that has a changing stall with a curtain as commonly seen in a discount clothing store. After waiting a couple of minutes a 3rd TSA officer (a female) came in and asked me if I had any liquids in my pants. By now I was getting quite annoyed and I replied that I was wearing a diaper and that I had pi---d in it while waiting in their ***** line. She said that I would need to “change out of it” to “clear the issue”. I got my spare brief out my carry-on, she gave me a large Ziploc bag and left the room while I changed. She returned, collected the bag with the wet brief and went off for about 5 minutes. She then returned and told me that I was cleared and showed me to the door. On a positive note, I must say that all of the TSA agents were courteous, professional and apologetic for the intrusion.
by   Barry  |   Dec 18 2011 09:24 AM   Likes (0)
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