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Need to vent

Hi Depends friends,\n\nI have been kind of on an emotional roller coaster the past few days and just wanted to vent and hopefully be told I am not losing my mind. I'll try to keep this as short as possible but I need to explain. \nAround the first of the year I made the move to tape on diapers from the Real Fit pull ups. I made this move for a few reasons, first and foremost was the cost. The price of a real fit without a sale or coupon is about $1.25 a brief. I have found that most tape on diapers are about that if not cheaper. Also a diaper will last twice as long as a pull up. The way I see things, I could cut my cost for protection in half. When I started the change I think it was more intended as a trial type thing but I learned so much more. One thing I have learned is for me, they feel so much more comfortable. I can adjust it to fit my body and get things right where I want them. Another is I don't have to worry or think about as much how my man parts are positioned or how I am sitting or standing. Not to mention the fact I could not lay down in a pull up without fears of a leak.\nSomething else I like is the fact I don't have to change as often in a public bathroom like I did before. I went out this weekend and before would have changed three times but I only need to once. But one of the things I like the best is I have more of a peace of mind. I can change and not have to keep an eye on the time to see when the next change will have to be as much. Before I would only have about two hours till I had to start planning on where I would be and when I might need to change, now its not till about six hours till i need to start thinking ahead. \nI was ok with the change till I spoke with my wife about using the money I was saving to help buy her a new car. This was when I began to get freaked out about having to change over to diapers full time and no more pull ups. Well this weekend we got her the new car and that night laying in bed at home it hit me that I was now stuck. I had to use the tape ons because I wont have the extra money to buy the pull ups anymore. \nIn my mind, I know the tape ons are better and make things so much easier but I can't help but feel like I am about to panic. Why do I feel like this? Why is this change messing with my head now? Is this normal? Thanks for listening and any input.
by   Rope_Wrench  |   Jan 24 2013 06:00 PM   Likes (0)
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