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New Depends Cloth Backed Briefs

First I've noticed that Depends hides bad reviews on the bottom of there list and there is a lot of bad reviews on this product. I'm An active person as i'm sure many of you are i walk at least 5 miles a day

1: 2 tabs instead of 3 Diaper keeps coming loose and feels like its falling down you're but while you are out walking. You cant exactly stop in public undo you're pants to refasten tabs. I'm Sure the tabs pulling loose with movement contributes to leaks.
2: Cloth Backing besides leaking and no odor control. When you're walking and sweating the cloth backing can rub a man raw in the inner thigh groin area witch is painful and makes a guy uncomfortable for days till it heals. I've been using Salk plastic pants with the diaper now witch i didn't need when the garment was plastic.

3: No elastic waist band. This was a selling point once and was to keep urine or fecal mater from leaking in the back.

I think they should take the entire envelopment staff make them wear the new cloth backed product and ad at least a cup of water to groin area and have them take a 5 mile walk and see how many get some nasty chaffing . you cant product test fit on an un-moving mannequin.
by   wildwolf69  |   May 04 2016 06:00 PM   Likes (1)
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