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Q&A - What % of men end up with incontinence after prostate surgery?

[i]We're fortunate to have gotten Dr. Jason Gilleran, a urologist in Royal Oak, Michigan, to answer this question related to incontinence. [/i]

[b]What percentage of men (on average) end up with incontinence after prostate surgery?[/b]

The answer to this question depends on the degree of incontinence and the time period after surgery. Many men have some leakage in the first couple weeks after surgery, but with time and recovery of the sphincter muscle, most men will see a significant decrease in leakage in the first few months after surgery. This healing process can continue for up to a year (or even more) after surgery. At this point, the percentage of men who still have some leakage (often defined as using no or 1 pad per day) varies, but large series boast continence rates at approximately 75-85%. The percentage who have no leakage is likely lower, but many men do not seek treatment until they are using 1 or more than 1 pad per day.

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