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Ribbon for incontinence awareness

I was doing some awareness research for the bladder disease I have and got to wondering if there was an awareness ribbon for incontinence. There are a dozen of ribbons used for a ton of different conditions and such. There was nothing for incontinence. I was wondering what would be others thoughts on if there was one? My first thought would be to make it the same shade of green as the Depends logo. There are a lot that use a flat green and one or two that use a lime green. My only other suggestion would be absolutely not brown, I hope for obvious reasons. \n\nThis or seeing that incontinence is a symptom rather than a disease, do you feel it would be better left to ribbons for the conditions?\n\nThoughts?
by   Rope_Wrench  |   Sep 05 2013 02:38 AM   Likes (0)
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