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Backstory-- 64, married 40 years --happily, retired. Diagnosed with BPH and consistent high PSA scores of 4 or higher. Yearly physical, blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, urgency etc.... I am legion.\n\nGetting ready for the grand tour of the us when wife retires in May (I get on Medicare). We already take our trailer on 4-6 day excursions in Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Iowa.\n\nWhen at home I mainly used cloth reusables at night with plastic pants. During the day I vary between using a pad, pull up underwear to full blown brief. I believe I can determine what day I am going to have by my first trip to the bathroom in the am---how close I have to stand to the bowl determines what level of protection I'll be wearing that day. Yep, that's my rule!\n\nHowever, car trips are exempt from the rule.... especially car trips of 100 miles or more.\n\nMy wife and I recently ended a 6 day trip with our travel trailer to Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas and back to Missouri. \n\nWe had a grand time. And it got even better when I quit trying to fight the fight and instead, be proactive. \n\nActually it was my wife who suggested that I wear protection during the daily excursions and while moving. She saw how I was doing a real life rendition of the television commercials --- you know, the ones with the four guys in a convertible Mustangs, ---- I wear heavy protection on more than 100 mile days and pull ups on day trips (I actually wear two pair of pull ups--- when one needs changed, I just rip it off and pull up the other one. \n\nthis works for me. I wear at night -- I think I sleep better with protection on. I have sleep apnea and wear a full face mask. \n\nYeah, this post is about rv travel.... for me and my wife. \nWhile at home I can manage with all degrees of protection, travelling on the road presents its own set of challenges.\n\nDisposables are used. Regardless of how much I prefer cloth, the lack of laundry facilities in an Airstream and the lack of laundry facilities in corps parks lead to the use of disposable products.\n\nThis last trip we took (just got back tonight) I bought a package of chux--- I had leaked on two reusables and had to hang them on the front of the trailer to dry.. after spraying them with lysol. By using disposable pads I wont be using a pad a night and drying them on the hitch.\n\nI upped the level of protection. Pads and shields weren't going to cut it. I wore pull up or briefs on the whole trip. \n\nAfter I get over the self-imposed stigma of wearing diapers, -- you know what I'm talking about -- I realize that life and traveling is a lot simpler when wearing. I am no longer searching for the nearest restroom, or when pulling the trailer, looking for a suitable place to pull off. \n\nI remember before I retired, I'd just pull of on the side of the road, open the passenger door to block the view of approaching motorists. and see the man about that dog. I thought every body did it. Only when, on two separate occasions, a highway patrol officer pulled up behind me (both times officers sympathetic -- one even told me there was a gas station over the next hill. I could tell he didn't understand the concept of 'when you gotta go, you gotta go..' \n\nLong post, briefs and pull ups while traveling. Some things just make sense.
by   Jim L.  |   Sep 28 2013 06:27 PM   Likes (0)
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