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The ideal diaper

There's been such a dearth of activity here lately that I thought I'd offer up a new topic for discussion. Although I recognize that cloth is superior for nighttime use, most people find it easier and more comfortable to wear disposable diapers to bed. The problem, of course, is that, unlike cloth, disposables aren't absorbent all over. There are strategically placed zones that absorb, but the rest of the diaper is water[i]proof[/i] and will merely point the urine somewhere else--usually your pants or sheets. But how hard and expensive would it be to make a diaper that offered absorbency all over? Yes, it wouldn't work well for a pull-up, since it wouldn't allow for stretchy panels, but would it be so hard to put absorbent material out to the sides of a nighttime diaper? Would it add soooo much to the cost? That would be my ideal upgrade. What about you? What kind of diaper upgrade would make your day? -RMS
by   Depend Team  |   Oct 19 2012 09:29 PM   Likes (0)
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