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The real deal with TSA and full-body scanners

Hi everyone,\n\nI recently got told by a TSA staff member what the problem is with wet protection and the full-body scanners (the ones where you hold your hands above your head). On the way to the airport, I overflowed just a little and wanted to get through security. Also, I was sweaty since it was over 90 outside and a long walk to the gate entrance.\n\nAnyway, the wetness makes the scanner beams reflect, so the scans aren't good when they take them. Sweat makes your whole body reflect. A wet diaper would not only first distort the image since diapers are thick and padded, but then reflect between your legs. Oh, and so you know, the image is only scanned, not put under a microscope. Do you really think they want to analyze thousands of people a day, a third of whom are obese?\n\nHe patted me down and explained to me what the problem was. No, he didn't grab my package either. He felt just under my waistband in the back at which point I mentioned I was incontinent. He cleared me, I thanked him and went about my day. I also had diapers in my carry-on laptop bag, which weren't even looked at. I also had two prescriptions in the front of the bag.\n\nHere is a quick guide to getting through hassle-free:\n1. Be very polite. They aren't trying to hurt you physically or emotionally and they would rather not spend time messing with you. Their job really sucks. However, if you challenge them, they will ruin your day and enjoy doing so. This isn't the right time to refuse anything or prove a point or be a proud American.\n2. If you have medical need, keep a copy of your medical necessity form handy in your carry-on if you do get a little flak. I've never used mine but have it handy.\n3. Keep your diapers organized in your carry-on so they can see them and not necessarily have to open the bag entirely for the world to see. I keep mine in a pocket so if that section is unzipped, they are plainly visible from the top.\n4. The TSA line isn't the right place to wear 'novelty' or printed diapers. If you really like them, check them in your baggage and use them at the hotel. If possible, keep them in their original bags. Otherwise, be prepared to answer questions if there is any problem and things go beyond normal.\n5. Be honest. 'I'm incontinent.' is about all you need to say to the person at the scanner exit. They get it, really they do.\n6. Be as dry as you can going through the TSA line. There is no need to go through in a drenched diaper and to be honest, it's a tad inappropriate and will raise eyebrows and set the full-body scanners off. This will lead to a bad experience.\n7. If you have hobbies like firing guns (like I do) or making your own bullets or anything that involves explosives, wearing those shoes or wearing any unwashed clothing from that activity is a really bad idea. \n\nAlso, use the full-body scanners! Especially if you have metal medical implants. That is, unless you like explaining all your medical procedures to someone that may make $15 - $20 an hour. I have several titanium pieces in my neck, lower back and right arm. I also have a few large titanium body piercings. Imagine the inner happiness I get when I know they can see exactly where my piercings are! Plus, I don't have to answer any questions that sometimes take me off-guard at 4:30 in the morning.\n\nI fly a lot, so I speak from experience on this one. I've never had my package grabbed or my diapers publicly flaunted or waved about by TSA personnel. I've never had a strip search or been in a room standing half-naked and diapered in front of snickering TSA personnel. I have had to explain implants and piercings a few times when I didn't use the full-body scanners. Also, I travel with things a hell of a lot more embarrassing than diapers, but I check that stuff and let TSA find it when they search my checked bags. I always get an inner chuckle when I know what they are about to find. It's almost worth the baggage fee in itself.\n\nTake care,\nColin
by   Colin D.  |   Jul 02 2013 06:00 PM   Likes (0)
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