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There Are 5 Stores That Will Not Sell Fitted Maximum Protection, Boosters, Guards

This has been happening for years. Here they are selling "underwear" or pull-ups and bladder control pads "for women only" but no guards for men or depend boosts . I have not seen the guards for men in Dollar General or Family Dollar so far just those bladder control pads for females. The one thing that bothers me the most while shopping there is that every time I need to pick up a pack of briefs or booster pads, they never sell them. The stores I am mentioning is Family Dollar, Bottom Dollar, and Dollar General and now Food Lion, and I think Walmart. I even talked to one of the managers, called the corporate office, even sent emails and things just get put aside and nobody does anything to make it happen. Have you ever ended up buying pull-ups or bladder control pads from these companies just because they don't sell fitted briefs or guards for men? And just because of this, some men have to buy the womens bladder control pads or maxi pads just to get the same protection as guards for men from these dollar stores and grocery chains. Still I am glad to be right by a Rite Aid if anything happens with supply needs, but Rite Aid is not selling Depend Boosts and not even these other dollar chains and grocery stores. Still these 5 stores need to help incontinent people better with better protection. Are there any other stores in your area doing the same as these 5 stores? What can we do about this? We have got to do something to enjoy a better shopping experience.
by   gccradioscience  |   May 24 2010 01:41 AM   Likes (0)
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