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I had a thought this morning about the underwearness program Depend has been pushing. If the goal is to reduce the stigma and help those that suffer with incontince not feel ashamed about it, why do you not hear anywhere at any point the word "diaper"? Trust me, I totally understand why a person would avoid the word not to mention the product itself. That is where the root of the stigma is. It breaks my heart that something as simple as a diaper (disposable underwear, undergarment, brief ext. ext.) Can give a person back their life and independents. No, the product itself is nothing to be proud of but taking the initiative to take control and get on with life is something to be very proud of.
Depend, I commend you for taking this step but it needs to go so much farther. Being able to talk openly about incontince is the first step and it has been a HUGE step but the stigma of calling a diaper a diaper also needs to be addressed. Me personally, I can see why from a marketing stand point why Depend will not print ANYWHERE on the package the word diaper but you speak about defeating the stigma, this will also need to be addressed. Just take the time and read some of the comments on your Facebook post that were used as ads and you will see how it is still a punchline and a source of the shame you seek to defeat. I read some of those comments and it makes me so angry I wish I could reach right through the computer and slap some since into them because of the level of insensitivity.
To others that may come to this site for information and support, this is the first step. Believe me, if you swallow your pride just a little and put yourself out there, you will not only survive, you will thrive.
To steal a quote from Mike McGee, "Be bold, be brave!"
by   Rope_Wrench  |   Apr 26 2015 12:07 AM   Likes (3)
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