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Urge Incontinency?

This is gonna be sorta long so bear with me.\n\nOver the past couple years I've experienced some wetting issues, at night and during the day, but nothing serious. I always thought it was due to phenomenal amounts of stress over school ETC (I am in high school.) Over the past 2 week or so I've had some weird stuff happen. \n\nIt sorta happens like this: I'm completely fine one moment, and then the next I feel like im gonna pee uncontrollably because my bladder is too full. And most recently I have, many times but in small-moderate amounts but luckily I was able to escape to the washroom before anything major. Also, I have been going to the washroom like 20-30 times a day because it feels like I REALLY need to go, even though I only pee a little. The times I have had accidents have been in school, luckily they've occured when I have a break, so I can run to the washroom. It's starting to happen at night, and more often during the day, and I'm getting a teeny bit worried. I have not told my mom yet, but will if it continues.\n\nI did some scrounging online and i turned up an article that seemed to explain exactly what was happening. It called it urge incontinence. Can anyone suggest what would be the causes of something like this? From all I know I have a healthy colon, kidneys and all that stuff.
by   confused_and_scared  |   Feb 16 2010 09:10 AM   Likes (0)
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