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VA prescription

I am relatively new at this. I am a Veteran and finally complained to my doctor at the VA about my bladder issues. They have prescribed meds but I still continue to have accidents, so they have prescribed protection. I received them and when I opened the box, it was the kind of protection I am not found of. The plastic is loud and reminds me too much like a diaper. I have tried to exchange them for the kind I don't mind wearing. Walmart said they couldn't find that product in their system. I have looked for them at Walgreens and CVS which doesn't carry this type (at least on their selves). It is Depends protection with tabs large size. UPC is 036000193176 Does anyone know where I could possible exchange these for the underwear type?
by   Batman381327  |   May 19 2013 06:00 PM   Likes (0)
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