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the feel of wearing

I have been wearing fitted briefs or better known as adult diapers. At first it felt strange to have one on and notice I was wetting myself. But once I got past all that I have begain to notice that wearing diapers actually can make me feel relaxed and comforted. I seems kind of strange, but they make me feel good. Not just cause I may end up wetting my pants otherwise but I actually sleep better at night. It's like they are granting me a new center of peace. The only problem comes is when I go out and I start to worry that someone can tell I am wearing and may not be understanding. But at home I have found a comfort in just watching tv with just a tee shirt and my diaper. It put me into a zen like atmosphere. \n\nHas any other guys on here have any experiences like this? \n\nI have also notice I don't like the pull up types cause the leak easily, sag and don't fit right. I have to keep readjusting it. A fitted brief or diaper stays in place and keeps everything contained. I have mostly worn a brand called Bambino. They are a little pricy and only can be gotten online. But they are really good quality. Very exorbant and last longer than other brands before needing a change. \n\nWhat some of you other guys on here experience in wearing, and what product type to you find that works???
by   MrBill  |   Sep 13 2009 04:20 PM   Likes (1)
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