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cloth vs disposable

Recently I was in the hospital and it was an unexpected trip so I didn't have any of my diapers I use tranquility atn during the day and molicare super plus at night they put me in cloth diapers and told me the whole going green thing was to blame a d that I should not worry they worked quite well I have never used cloth I thought they were useless but I was wrong they did work and were quite comfortable I did have my girlfriend bring me some of my usual diapers to the hospital but when I got out I ordered some cloth diapers pins and some new plastic panties and I find the cloth diaper to be to big to wear during the day it causes a large bulge even under a loose skirt but I have been using them at night and no leaks molicare would leak sometimes rarely bur6 the both are quite good at night however there is the problem with having to wash them and the plastic panties now the diaper goes in the washing machine and hang dries I have a large utility sink where I wash all my plastic panties this can be a little inconvenient but I want your thoughts and my advice for is who are totally incont no bladder control I would recommend trying a cloth diaper at night the ones I got are profile flat and use diaper pins and plastic panties but there are Velcro and snap on ones. As well let me know what you think and your experience with cloth diapers
by   trish518  |   Nov 15 2015 06:00 PM   Likes (3)
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