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Daughter not incontinent but so polyuric she is in diapers

Polyuria is excessive production of urine, in case you don't know. I've been reading around and I know many of you have urge incontinence, leak a little and have to pee frequently.\n\nBut our daughter will pee buckets every 30 minutes. I mean buckets. Because of this it is unrealistic to expect her to hold on and use the bathroom, and diapers are the order of the day now.\n\nShe's 17 now, and this started nearly a year ago. We can't use Depends because they don't hold enough and leak badly. We order her products online, and while they are costly, they do allow her to relax a bit for the couple of hours they generally last her. They are completely necessary and at night? Holy cow do they come in handy. Don't know what we'd do if we had to deal with that mess. As it stands the sheets are usually wet in the mornings from diaper leaks, and the diaper itself is wet completely.\n\nAt any rate, not much I can find online to suggest others are experiencing anything like this. Again, she can hold it, it's just that after a giant deluge in the bathroom, she'll be back in there having another huge deluge before an hour goes by. She isn't drinking or on drugs, and has little social life (we are home schooling her and she's doing very well -- it's all I can do to keep her supplied with challenging enough material!). So she is wearing the diaper to contain her urine and just going in that for the most part.\n\nThere is one other girl, 15 I think, in diapers at her urologist. The doctor tells us her symptoms are identical -- full control but dependent on diapers. He also says that, though rare, this situation is almost always a female thing. So I know she isn't the only one.\n\nWe have not insisted, for a good while, that she try to go without the diapers; nor did we let her feel ashamed for wearing them. We understand that this is too much for any person to deal with without protection.\n\nOther than wetting her pants, she is a normal and happy girl, smart as a whip and very very sweet.\n\nAnybody else have a similar experience themselves, or in one of their children?\n\nThanks everybody!\n\nEmily
by   EmilyClark  |   Jan 16 2013 03:41 PM   Likes (0)
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