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Depends review and a few questions!

Hey guys; I am new in the community, and wanted to thank Depends company for their product and for helping me up. I am a College student and as many know on exams and labs we don't have potty breaks, and they last 2-3 hours,bathrooms have poor sanitary conditions, they are not very private, doors are mostly broken, long trip to get to College and many other problems; since I got tired of the pain it causes to hold it I came to use Depends. I am not incontinent but to avoid going to the bathroom became a necessity. I first tried the Silhouette which did not hold the amount of "wee" I did. Then where I live, not sure if they are in every State or Country, there is Depends pack named "Plenitud" which is a brief diaper with tapes distributed in latinamerica. Those are pretty good holding #1 just have a few issues with #2 but I am pretty comfortable with them, they do not seem to be noticeable when I am wearing a skirt or pants that are not tight, haven't tried with tight jeans with the fear of bad leaking since I pee like a bucket every 30 mins!!! For the use I am giving them, the Depends are a good brand and have helped me a lot. I don't have the fear of wetting or soiling my pants while on school or on trips. \n\nOn a side not I wanted to ask:\n\nI have always had trouble with going #2 since for the past 3 years it barely comes out solid and mostly liquid and the current Depends I use leak and my panties end up suffering. Are the Depends Protection with Tabs better in holding liquid bowels?\n\nHow much time til a diaper should be changed? I change ASAP when I have a #2, but when is #1 I wait a few hours :/\n\nWhat tips can you guys give me in changing on public restrooms?\n\nIs it better to wear underwear over your diaper while wearing pants or a skirt or just the diaper?\n\nThanks for listening and hope my review can help for people choosing the brand. Sharing a small story with you guys, while buying my first pack the guy at the store was laughing at me when I bought them and so were 2 dudes in the waiting line. What is wrong with people these days????????
by   mary232  |   May 13 2013 06:00 PM   Likes (0)
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