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Embarrassed and concerned

My name is Hannah, and Im a 25 year old middle school science teacher. I first began experiencing bladder leakage several years ago, and it gradually got worse. I started out with pads, but realized they would be quickly soaked. With much hesitation, I then tried pull up incontinence underwear. They were fairly discreet, but would leak in no time. I ended up having to change the pull ups constantly, I was leaking so badly. All my free time at work was spent in the bathroom, trying to cope with the problem. Eventually, I found myself at the local pharmacy, buying thick, plastic, tab style adult diapers. I was mortified. When I got home that evening, I opened up the bag to find thick, crinkly diapers, would I would envision people in the hospital wearing, not a young, active wife and teacher. My husband had to help me put them on, and merely snickered. I could not get over the bulk that was between my legs and extended up my backside. Since then, I have not experienced near as many leaks or changes as I did with the pull ups, but have encountered a whole new set of embarrassing issues. In skinny jeans, dresses, slacks, most anything- the diaper bulge is there, and obvious. I can physically hear the plastic backing, whenever I sit down and walk. Whenever I am teaching my class, I am always conscious of the thickness present under my clothing, and how obvious it is. My husband tells me not to worry, but I cant help it. And if I bend down to pick something up, there is a good chance the plastic top of the diaper may peak above my pants. Students and fellow teachers alike have given me all kinds of looks. The only peace I have from my nerves is sitting behind my desk, but even then, I still feel the diaper. Im not sure what Im going to do. A young, professional, attractive woman wearing adult diapers...its as awful as it sounds.
by   Hannah228  |   Jun 30 2017 08:56 PM   Likes (1)
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