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Incontinence and Intimacy

Hello Depend Community Members!

The topic of romance has come up a lot lately. How have you handled your romantic relationships, in light of your incontinence? Has it been a big deal or a non-issue?

I've just posted an article about incontinence and intimacy here, with some suggestions for addressing your incontinence in new relationships: [url http://www.depend.com/womens-solutions/articles/getting-romantic-talking-to-a-potential-partner-about-your-incontinence/14000057771]Getting Romantic[/url]

If you’re dating, how have you brought up the topic with people you’ve just started going out with? What happened?

If you're married, how does your spouse or partner handle your incontinence?

Looking forward to the conversation!
by   Lori - at - Depend  |   Feb 21 2013 09:30 AM   Likes (2)
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