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Is 46 too young?

I wear a combination of pull up's underwear and moderate longs and over long longs. Most of the time I wear pull up's to bed or on days off. The pads are for work or when I go out in public. Sometimes I can hold my urine, but like even if I go to the bathroom through the day, when I get off work it's like my bladder has a brain and by the time I get home im going into the pad and onto my pants. Or I feel the urge and I wake up once or twice and hour sometimes and even with pull up's on I feel it coming out I sit there and try to hold it in and when I get up sometimes I make it sometimes I dont. Sometimes I dont feel urges, I think it's blood sugar and my mother had this and a diabetic bladder. I have this it seems. Sometimes I can hold my urine all day long, and when I get home from work or grocery shopping or w hatever it happens. I can be sitting at home watching tv and im fine one second then the urge hits me and I have to squeeze my legs together to try and get up.

sometimes im barely leakin and I go into the day and night ok, sometimes Im not. I never have t hese issues in public or on the job, it's after I get off work or go home. anyway you know what im saying.

my mother wore pads and never wanted to wear p ull up undies. I dont see anything wrong with it. yet I am a bit insecure.

is it normal for a 46 year old to have half normal half weak bladder. I am over weight due to poly cystic ovarian and I bleed badly so I wear incontinence pads and undies for thsi reason or started too, then I got type 2 that I cant afford to take care of, and I got what my mother called a semi diabetic bladder.

is this normal. Someone help me to understand what is going on.
by   wavez2000  |   May 03 2017 01:15 AM   Likes (1)
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