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new and frustrated

hello im glad i found this board as I could use support from others in similar situations im a 35 f from the nyc area i have suffered from incontence a good portion of my life however my last 2 kids really made it worse i wear pullup for leaks but my biggest problem is out of nowhere the overwhelming urge to urinate will hit me like a ton of bricks ( and always at the worst times ) and i have minutes if im lucky to get to a rest room or somewhere private. I was always usually able to get somewhere private but lately its like the urge hits hard and i lose control much sooner I've had to switch to diapers because i couldnt risk having an embarassing accident at work or in public anymore. however i am finding them very uncomfy and im terrified others will find out. I heard surgery can possibly help but i hear its also very risky. I really have noone to talk to about it and am glad i stumbled upon this forum as it seems i am not alone. Any tips or advice on getting used to this or keeping it descrete are greatly appreciated I will also in turn try and offer support to those who need it thank you for those who took the time to read this :)
by   gtg2468  |   Feb 03 2013 01:37 AM   Likes (0)
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