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New to forum and embarrassed

Hi,I am a 45 yr old female mother of 3 that was diagnosed with mixed incontinence about 5 yrs ago. I have been managing my problem using sanitary pads up to now. However, I find that my problem is getting worse especially when I exercise. I am about 30 pounds over in weight and have been trying very hard to loss it thus making my situation worse. I am very embarrassed about having to wear a depend pull-up for exercising. I have tried all the bladder pads but for the absorbency I need I would have to wear the very thick one and I find them extremely uncomfortable. The Depend underpants not only prevent me from leaking but also are more comfortable. I am under a doctors care and he wants me to have the TVT surgery done. I am very scared of this as I wouldn't want to relieve one type of incon (stress)and make the other worse (urge). I hide the pull-ups from my husband and my kids and try to exercise when they are out in the evenings. Thanks for letting me vent!
by   stressedgirl  |   Mar 09 2010 05:45 PM   Likes (0)
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