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The sizing

I ordered your free samples. The underwear panties did not fit right. I ordered the xlg like you told me but the would not stay up. I pulled them up to my waist but they just slid down and it seemed the length was not enough. I pulled them up but they refused to come up all the way. The crotch area was too large for me. Even though I weigh alot, I am still petite. I need a narrower crotch and longer in the back side to accommodate my large bottom. I was very disappointed in the fit. I would suggest you have real models of different sizes to fit. I was really disappointed that the sizes are a one size fits all. I actually weigh 300 lbs and am 5' tall but my legs are short and my crotch area is narrow, The panties themselves need to be longer and narrower to accommodate my size. I am going to have to find a different brand that fits better.
by   quarklll  |   Sep 02 2014 03:00 AM   Likes (1)
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