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Memories of Childhood Protection

I thought I would start a thread of a different kind to spur activity. Do you remember the protection used for your incontinence or bed wetting as a kid? If so, what was used if anything?\n\n For a while nothing was used for me (age 6 to 9) and then mom used Pampers to keep me dry. Mine were the plastic covered ones with one tape tab on each side. I also remember that the tapes tore the cover when removed and mom refusing to take them off unless used. I remember that they were thick as cloth diapers and didn't have the magical polymer that swells up with use. They used to crinkle with each step and still leaked at times. Reflecting back, we are pretty lucky now with modern technology.\n\n What were your experiences or memories?
by   LynnK2104  |   Aug 12 2012 07:00 PM   Likes (0)
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