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Make Me Time Into Quality Time

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We women are often the ones who spend most of our time caring for others-- as mothers, spouses, daughters and just plain do-gooders! No wonder it’s often hard for us to imagine taking time out just for ourselves. But all the books, articles and posts on the topic concur—“me time” is an essential.

Surprisingly, once we have it, some of us don’t quite know what to do with time for ourselves. If you find yourself asking, “I’ve got the time, NOW WHAT?” we’ve got six essentials to making sure your me time is nothing but quality time.

1. Relax.

With all the demands in our lives, we often forget to slow down for our own benefit. Create space for balance, calmness and control by taking the time to relax and unwind.

Find what works for you. Everyone's got their own way of relaxing. Whether it's taking a quick power nap, curling up with a book, going for a walk, or soaking in the tub, identify the things that help you relax, and make time for them.

Banish the guilt. It's important to treat yourself with kindness, and to take care of your own needs. And that means giving yourself permission to benefit from leisure time. We all need time to recharge, so never feel bad about taking a break.

Lighten up on yourself. Make it a goal to treat yourself the same way you'd like others to treat you: by forgiving mistakes, developing trust, and creating a sense of confidence. When you reduce self-criticism, you make room for achievement.

2. Imagine.

When we use our imaginations, we live in a world without limits. The creative power of imagination helps us do everything from setting a stand-out table to redecorating the living room (again!) to telling our stories.

Expand your horizons. Fuel your imagination and creativity by exploring cultural arts in your community. Set aside one day each month to visit a museum, see a live performance, or walk through an art gallery.

Think positively. You can use your imagination to power up a positive mental attitude by visualizing your own success. Try spending ten minutes a day visualizing yourself accomplishing a specific goal. You might be surprised to find that it gives you a rewarding sense of self-confidence.

Dream big. Challenge yourself to keep your dreams alive. How can you start to turn dreams into reality? Try keeping a journal where you write down all your great ideas for the future, and re-visit them often.

3. Be Well.

Every day, we have a chance to make good choices about our own health. So why not make the most of it? Seize the calcium! Find out about living with [url]bladder leakage[/url] and [url]product solutions[/url] that can help. Don't sweat the setbacks--stay positive, and enjoy your healthy lifestyle. Of course, always check with your doctor before starting on a new diet or exercise routine.

Eat well and exercise. It's the same old story: good nutrition and exercise make a huge difference in your overall health and well-being. Finding it hard to stick to it? Grab a friend. You both stay fit and benefit from quality time together.

Learn something new. A challenging hobby can keep your mind nimble, just like a physical sport helps your body stay healthy. Seek out new pursuits that give you pleasure and keep you active, like volunteering, doing puzzles, writing in a journal, or taking a dance class.

4. Express Yourself.

We have to speak in order to be heard. We have to show our love for it to be received. So express yourself! The more you do, the more you participate in life.

Say it in style. It feels good to express yourself, whether you do it through words, photography, music, painting, dance, or anything else that helps you articulate what's original within you. Try a class or group activity to jump-start your self-expression.

Keep a journal. Writing your thoughts in a journal can help reduce stress, put you in touch with your feelings, and help you figure out new ways to solve problems. Start by writing a few lines each day that summarize the highlights and low points.

Be yourself. Embrace your individualism and unique personality. What inspires you? What makes you smile? What fills you with pride? Pursue these questions, and explore your own sense of what makes you YOU.

5. Share.

We benefit ourselves and those around us when we share ideas, resources or feelings. Whether it’s a hobby, a talent or something else that’s uniquely our own, it doesn’t take much to discover you’ve got a lot to give. So share it!

Start a club. You love books, you have lots of friends, and you like to socialize. Combine these interests by starting a book club. It's a chance to share ideas in a social setting. Start a club to discuss books, recipes, movies—anything that sparks interest and camaraderie.

Give back. Find a cause that inspires you, and support it! Make a difference by volunteering your own unique set of skills, and enjoy the many rewards of doing good for others.

6. Renew.

Just as the seasons roll in and out and each new year brings new promise, our own lives can be refreshed and recharged. Why shouldn’t you have your very own personal "Refresh" button?

Take a personal inventory. Life happens! When you're busy, you can lose sight of the big picture. Make a vow to reflect and take stock. You'll not only clarify where you've been, but where you want to go. Ways to start? A gratitude journal or a simple list of pros and cons.Set specific goals. Setting personal goals can be incredibly motivating. The secret to achieving them? Get specific. I'm going to lose 5 lbs is much more attainable than I need to lose weight. Once you know the target, it's easier to aim high (or low!).

Break a bad habit. Are you ready to kick an old, unwanted habit to the curb? Visualize living your life free of it, and resolve to make the change. Some experts say if you can live with a change for 21 days, it sticks.

When “me time” feels more like quality time you might even find a good excuse to work it into your daily schedule.

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