Protection avec attaches Depend®

Ces culottes absorbantes offrent une absorption maximale et comprennent six attaches adhésives pour faciliter les changements en position assise, couchée ou debout.

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Résultat moyen: 3.2/5

Évaluations de clients

Résultat moyen:

3.2/5 | 490 Évaluations

Perfect for my needs

I have to use these diapers for my bladder issues. And they are great. I would definitely recommend

Publié par: Jacket


3 tabs, good feeling for

comfortable, feel secure when using. Glad they were able to bring back plastic backed and 3 tabs.

Publié par: tommy 60


Terrible redesign. Used x

Not enough elastic around waist. Tabs keep coming undone. Difficult to put on. The previous design w

Publié par: mjoy


With changes it could go

Like that is is plastic backed and uses tabs but did not have enough side coverage and tabs did not

Publié par: Rick


Not what I expected!

Well after trying out different kinds of incontinent diapers out there. I came across these and deci

Publié par: Judynei


needs improvement

while wearing them I wore a trash bag to ensure the inside didn't fall out after the plastic back ri

Publié par: lester


Great Adult Diaper!

I love Depend Protection with tabs. They're the best in the world. They're very comfortable. I wear

Publié par: Stephen86


Horrible product!

This redo of the adjustable incontinent underware is horrible! No elastic in leg, little elastic in

Publié par: From happy to unhappy


Leaks to much

I have many problems with these. One is the tapes on the bottom do not stick which leads to leaks e

Publié par: spencer


Great product: the fit is

Very comfortable for a fitted brief, and so much better than the "cloth" version!

Publié par: Lou30