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  • losing control of your bladder while working out

    Dannyphantomfan14 Feb 18 2017 5:19PM

    hello Guys I'm new to this and I'm here for support to help me out with a Issue I have my Bladder control. i been having issues controlling my bladder since the early part of last year and this happens when i work out when i work out i loss control of my bladder and it requires me to use Depends or other brand of Adult diapers and I'm kinda of sometimes shy when it comes to adult Diapers, is it normal to lose control of your Bladder when working out cause when i work out that's the only time i lose control of my Bladder other then that most of the time i have control of my bladder its just when I'm working out i lose control of my bladder is putting too much fluid on the Bladder don't help and also how can i feel my better about myself knowing that i lost control of my bladder and i have to wear Adult diapers please help me out so i can help cope thru this thanks


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  • what product works best?

    njdan Dec 25 2016 5:40PM

    Has anyone used the mangaurds?how are they?i usually use womens overnight pads.i am willing to try the mens or womens underware whatever works better. Any suggestions?


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  • Mens' Realfit and Fitflex - curious about the diff...

    Hal6666 Nov 10 2016 7:11AM

    I’m just wondering why the men’s real fits are more bulky than the fitflex?

    First off, I love the fitflex's! I started using them almost immediately after having bladder issues, and I was elated to see that such an effective product can be so comfortable and discrete. I'm 42, very active with a 9 year old child and active wife, and I live my life 100% the same as before with these. I'm not trying to sound like an advertisement - just being honest.

    That said, I thought I’d try the realfit's for going to the gym. They’re very good and do look a lot like regular underwear when they’re on - especially from the back - but I expected them to be thinner - certainly not thicker - than the fitflex given the “just like underwear” claim. Although the fitflex don’t look like regular underwear, I actually find they feel more like normal underwear than the realfits do.

    Regardless,, both are great products and certainly make wearing absorbent underwear not a big deal. It's also nice to see that Depend has men in mind when creating these products. I wish I'd discovered them a year ago instead of being stubborn and tolerating wet underwear.



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  • Diapers (Briefs) and Pullups (underwear)

    UnknownWiki Oct 17 2016 5:13PM

    I have a question, I have been incontinence since I was 11, at which I wore diapers, but at that age it was Luvs and pampers, but now Depends sometimes, and Molicare or Tena most of the time, But my question is ive noticed that all of these products are called briefs or underwear, Im not understanding why that is, Diapers are nothing to do with briefs, and pullups are not underwear, why is it people have such a hard time calling them what they are? Why is it a big deal saying diapers? ive never said briefs, when my doctor asks how many briefs I go through a week, I say I dont wear briefs, I wear diapers, I have no problem saying that either, but honestly if people cant handle a simple word, then what does that say? Diapers are Diapers, Pullups are Pullups!!


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  • Medical visits/massages

    MrGoose2 Sep 20 2016 9:36PM

    Has anyone had to encounter a visit with a chiropractor while wearing a diaper? They tend to push on your hips etc; and was wondering how you deal with this;since they would probably realize you have one on. Is this embarrassing for you? Also; if you had ever got a massage at a spa where you are not completely all covered? Have they seen this before; and what would you say about it? I wouldn't want to freak anyone out. If anyone works in these areas; please let me know what you think or how to deal with this.


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  • The latest Survey thing here

    BeenThereDoneThat Sep 18 2016 12:45AM

    "Would you like it on a boat"

    "I would not like them on a boat!"

    It was a bit like Dr. Seuss from Hell.

    I know they're trying to help, but many questions were about women's stuff that I had no idea about.
    I doubt they'd like, "Oh yes, I love the super smooth silky undergarments."


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  • New Protection with Tabs not good

    Yucca777 Sep 15 2016 5:55PM

    My son is a special needs person and for years we have used Depend Protection with Tabs because they were the best diaper we could find. A number of months ago Depend quit making the ones with three tabs on each side and the plastic outer shell. The new Depend with two re-attachable tabs on each side and the flimsy cloth exterior are terrible and extremely inferior to the previous product. We have constant leaks and it makes my life and his much more stressful. Please bring back the previous Depend Protection with Tabs. Please!


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  • Depend Should make a Goodnites Trufit style product

    damagedveteran Aug 10 2016 8:38AM

    I think depend should make a goodnites trufit style product I hate going to the gym diapered or wearing a pullup i am very cautious about my waistband and if you wear regular underwear with a pad in the middle should that not prevent painful chaffing cause there are no elastic leak guards also they may be nice to go to work so you dont have to take off your pants to change in a public restroom please consider


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  • Never got the samples we requested or coupons

    TIaco1268 Aug 2 2016 6:00PM

    I requested samples for my husband, but they never came. I tried to get the samples again and it stated I already got them, which I did not.


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  • New Depend Briefs

    Ra93 Jul 1 2016 2:15PM

    I liked Depends maximum night time briefs with the 3 tap tabs , when the elastic band worked and they still made the Small size . When they stopped making small and replaced it with the S/M I was forced to wear a brief that did not fit right , Got use to it , then they changed the product again , the elastic waste band was un-functional , But what Could I do ? . So I was stuck wearing a product that didn't fit and due to the change in the waist band I found they would leak from time to time .

    Now they change the product completely , instead of 3 taps its 2 and no plastic backing , Bought a pack , and they were totally unusable , It was like wearing a wet deflated air bag . they leaked at the sides on a constant bases very uncomfortable and with sagging one could tell I was wearing a brief ( Lucky for me I was home ) .

    I read many discussion boards and it seemed that Kimberly Clark co , was blowing people off , and not addressing the real issue , and not Listening to what us customers want .

    I never asked to be incontinent nor is it something I advertise . So why is Kimberly Clark so intent on making a substandard product ?

    I require a product with a plastic backing and these new depends don't have that , I cant wear this product , It leaks at the sides , sags I need to keep adjusting the tabs because the product loosens.

    Kimberly Clark keeps claiming that their cloth backed product dose not leak , yet my experience and many others say differently '

    Please bring back the 3 tape tab PLASTIC BACKED BRIEF . The only reason people who have complete and total Incontinence used the Depends is because the plastic backed product was far superior to the breath able briefs that other companies make .

    Its a mater of simple science , cloth is no substitute for plastic . once the wax coating on the cloth backed products gets heated by the skin it opens small holes and they leak .

    Now that Depends briefs are no longer suitable for my needs I am using Tranquility ATN and the German made Attends. If Kimberly Clark co wants me and others to start buying their briefs again here is what they need to do

    - separate sizing for example . Small , Medium , Large , Extra Large

    - Needs better elastic waist band like the ones on the 2000 product

    -Full PLASTIC BACKING that is thicker then they use to be for refastening ( simply put a lot of people require a plastic backed product , If they don't then the pull-up option is available )

    - Have thicker padding that extends to the ends of the wings , for side sleepers or so one can lean while sitting and not worry about the brief leaking ( side leaks are a major issue with the new product and they do leek at the back and crotch )

    Do this and you may get your customers back .

    One other issue and its a major issue . Your questioner , It seems odd that when you ask which products we use , you don't list Full briefs , that concerns me . And when one uses your " what product is right for me , it never brings up the full briefs . Its almost as if KC is pushing the pull-ups and pads .

    On all the forums and boards everyone who used the 3 tape Briefs have nothing good to say about the New and unimproved Briefs .

    If KC's response to others input is an indication of how they intend not to listen to us , This message will be blown off with a standard company message , trying to defend their inferior product .

    Only reason I am bothering to post this , is in hopes that KC will realize they made a mistake and correct it , and actually improve their Maxim night time Brief instead of pushing for a cloth product that no one wants .

    I Gave your product a fair try over a weeks time period and they simply don't meet my needs .

    I will use Tranquility and the Attends sold in Germany ( both plastic backed plastic backing is what I want and many others ) as I am willing to spend a little more for a better product . Until KC makes a product that suits my needs I wont be buying depends , sorry but I cant risk having leaks , its embarrassing enough to be incontinent .


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  • Embarrassed When You Buy Incontinence Products? | Depend®

    Depend Team Jun 14 2016 3:21PM

    How can I get over my embarrassment about buying protection?

    It’s not unusual to feel a bit self-conscious when purchasing incontinence products. The cashiers at the grocery or drug store have likely rung up lots of absorbent protection products or the store wouldn’t keep them in stock. Plus, most people – behind the counter or in line with you – are too wrapped up in their own thoughts and concerns to give much thought to what’s being purchased by someone else.


    Managing a leaky bladder can leave you feeling alone, though it can help to recognize that one in four Americans between the ages of 20 and 85 experience bladder leakage. If you can think of your Depend® products as just another tool to help you live your active life, that can be helpful, too.

    If you still feel a bit uncomfortable, you can order your Depend® products online. Shipments from come in an unlabeled box, so your purchase won’t be obvious to anyone but you.


    What about you? How do you feel buying your protection in the store?


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  • How To Keep Cool In The Summer In Depend® Products

    Depend Team Jun 14 2016 3:14PM

    Summer’s just around the corner which means heat and in many places, humidity. How do you keep cool when you’re wearing protection? 


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