Camping Anyone ?

by EARL H Apr 23 2011 12:09PM

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As a active Assistant Scoutmaster I indeed do my share of camping both in summer and even a winter campout yearly.\nWithout further adew are a few tips for a enjoyable trip.\n\nThe first thing is planning and more planning.\nWhere to, how long, and what kind of camping and/or protection will fit the bill.\n\nFor a weekend in the woods the best protection is a full diaper with a pair of plastic pants to "Be Prepared" for whatever the day brings.\nUsing Pull Ups will work if you don't find doing tent floor"areobics" challenging.\nThe full diaper offers max protection for fewer changes which is key when your hiking or just taking in a campfire without interuption.\nFrom the voice of been there when changing a diaper its much easier changing these in a reclined position then doing the aerobics of what could be the Pull Ups challenge.\n\nCamping in RV's and the like are not much different from being home so I didn't include them into this topic so please refer to everday changing instructions for those. The RV restroom is simular to changing in a airplanes.\n\nKeeping Mother Nature happy is priority number 1 when your resting on her lap. \nThe best method is to "pack it out" and NEVER litter or bury a diaper in the wilderness. It takes a very very hot fire to completely burn a diaper into nothingness so unless you carry a flamethrower, pack them out.\n\nAs my Reverend once said, "My idea of roughing it is The Super 8 instead of The Comfort Suites"\n\nHappy Camping out there,\nEarl H.

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