About Us

Depend® for Trusted Protection

More than Underwear

Depend® has been helping people manage their bladder leakage for more than 35 years. But beyond making outstanding absorbent products, we’re also working to give our users the confidence to reconnect with the life they’ve been missing.

With Depend.com, we strive to provide a safe space for people to find the right incontinence products and get the support they need. For our users, Depend® is more than just underwear – it’s the opportunity to take back control from bladder leakage.

Depend® products have come a long way. What started as a way to help new mothers manage bladder leakage has now become a full line-up of products to fit any lifestyle. We’re constantly pursuing ways to make our products even better.

We apply industry-leading research and development to real consumer needs, all to make incontinence solutions that are not only functional, but comfortable, fashionable, and discreet. To do that, we get input from the people who matter most: real Depend® users.