Depend® Night Defense® Underwear for Women

Overnight incontinence protection, in four sizes and with ultra-soft fabric for better comfort.

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Average Rating: 4.5/5

It’s Your Best Protection
and Comfort Guaranteed

Waist: 24-30 in
Pant Size: 00-8
Waist : 31-37 in
Pant Size: 8-16
Waist: 38-44 in
Pant Size: 16-20
​Waist: 45-64 in
Pant Size: 20W+

Customer Reviews

Average Rating:

4.5/5 | 753 Reviews

Stop Changing the Product

Depends is a very good product and I've used them for 5 years but since you've changed the product a

Posted By: Shih tzu7


hate the new design

thanks for the pretty pattern, but please do back to the original design. These are paper thin and

Posted By: Theramos633


bedridden needs

not enough absorbency in the back where the urine tends to go when bedridden..

Posted By: worried


Not absorbent fast enough

I have terrible urge incontinence and when I need to go, it comes out in a hurry. I find that if I

Posted By: Donnamae57


Could never come close to

Tried instead of regular DEPENDS and was disappointed. Leak less but still leak .In 12 hours a perso

Posted By: GiGi 1


Very disappointed!

I'm very disappointed, I've tried these the last 2 nights and woke up with a puddle of urine underne

Posted By: Gretchen28



I tried wearing for two nights. Both nights they leaked. They fit fine but still leaked.

Posted By: 41yofembarassed4


Sleep without worry

I would recommend for woman of all ages to try Depends for over night use. I was able to sleep witho

Posted By: Tam698


Depends keeps you dry she

The depend night defense underwear made me feel at ease that i would not have any leaks while i sle

Posted By: avonbymelynda7


Depend Night Defense Unde

I got a chance to try them and honestly like the way they fit...pretty comfortable and very obsorben

Posted By: Carm576