Living With Incontinence

Using Adult Diapers in Public & At Work

Using Adult Diapers in Public and at Work

Adults who suffer from incontinence issues without the use of incontinence products are likely to find it difficult to go through everyday life when navigating public spaces, especially work. Not being able to continue to manage incontinence in total secrecy is a fear to many, including those who may have already developed alternative ways to make life easier.

Maintaining your integrity is a major part of deciding to wear adult diapers. The fear of others finding out about your condition or evidence of accidental stains in public can come to mind when living with incontinence. With preparation and proper understanding of the variety of products in the market for you to work with, it is possible to overcome the fear of stepping out into the world.

In this article, you’ll learn more about how to maneuver everyday life in public settings with some handy tips and the help of alternative adult incontinence products in the market. Gain confidence entering public spaces and work stress-free knowing there are solutions out there to help you throughout your experience with bladder leaks.

How to Keep Adult Diapers a Secret in Public

Being diagnosed with adult incontinence is nowhere near the end of the world. Everyday, millions of adults live with this condition and typically do so in total secrecy. Incontinence protection products such as diapers are designed to keep adults in total control of their life without a single problem that would stop them from going out in public. To keep adult incontinence products a total secret, follow these tips:

Picking the Right Product

The best brands are designed to not only feel like wearing regular underwear, but also made to be carried easily when away from home. You should shop for protection that fits you comfortably with the right absorbency for your particular situation.

Consider products that have side barriers and look at sizing charts for the best fit to ensure that there are no leaks or indications that you’re wearing a diaper underneath your clothes. A common misconception is “doubling up” when wearing adult diapers which can deter from its purpose and fit more bulkier than it should.  Again, like regular underwear, incontinence products should feel comfy especially when in public or at work.

For more information about wearing adult diapers, read our article to learn all that you need to know about wearing adult diapers.

Masking Adult Diaper Odours

Regular product changes during visits to the washroom are essential to practicing good hygiene when managing bladder leaks. While adult incontinence products do a good job of masking urine odours, wearing soiled products for extended periods of time may lose its effectiveness.

Hiding Adult Diapers

While carrier bags specifically made for incontinence products do exist, carrying adult diapers with you in a handbag of your choice is an ideal way to bring products secretly everywhere you go. Alongside additional adult diapers, it is recommended to carry topical ointment, personal hygiene wipes and disposable bags on-hand as well. These items are essential to avoiding any discomfort when away from home and are simple ways to continue to keep your incontinence a secret.

That being said, a common misconception with adult incontinence products is how easy it is to wear them and carry them with you in complete secrecy. For example, Depend® Shields and Guards are ultra thin, pocket-sized incontinence pads for men that fit comfortably in your briefs or boxer briefs without adding extra bulk like adult diapers. They’re applied like an underwear liner, and are easy to apply and dispose of.

Disposing Used Adult Diapers

Planning how to dispose adult diapers in public washrooms in advance is the best way to effectively dispose them in total secrecy. Disposable bags exist and are specifically made for incontinence product disposal. These bags are designed to maintain products’ discreetness as they come odourless and translucent to make throwing away adult diapers as unassuming as possible.

It is important to not flush adult incontinence products down the toilet as these products are not flushable and may ultimately cause complications when in public.

Good Incontinence Habits to Develop for When Out in Public

Effectively managing your adult incontinence involves planning and preparing for being out in public. Alongside packing a handbag with the necessary accessories, making subtle lifestyle changes can help with keeping your incontinence confidential at work and out running errands. Here are two core principles to live by that can help with dealing with incontinence in the long-run.

  • Manage your liquid intake. Especially when at work, going for coffee and water breaks are a common part of the 9-to-5. Ensuring that you are mindful about how much you are drinking per day can help with easing your incontinence and your need to relieve yourself.
  • Schedule bathroom breaks. Make it a priority to use the washroom on your own schedule, rather than letting your body tell you when. Scheduling bathroom breaks can also help with giving you time to change adult diapers more easily and deter any potential of pungent product odours.
  • Choose dark-coloured clothing over light-coloured clothing. While adult incontinence products and regular changes guarantee no leaks, further peace of mind involves keeping more dark-coloured clothing in your wardrobe to better mask any potential of leaks and accidental bulkiness around the undergarment area.

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Why Depend® Adult Incontinence Products are Ideal for Public Settings

The discreet use of adult incontinence products when in public and at work gives users added piece of mind when navigating social settings and the utmost confidence to push through and live life as comfortably as possible. And we understand that what you need is protection that is both absorbent and discreet, without getting in the way of your day-to-day. 

The Different Types of Depend® Incontinence Products

Alongside undergarments, Depend® has developed a suite of  incontinence products for men and women to help you feel in control and confident as you take on your day:

  • Incontinence Pads
    • Designed for being on the go, incontinence pads such as Depend® Shields and Guards are pocket-sized and can be discreetly worn as liner inside your own underwear to stop any potential leakage from occurring throughout the day. Pads are commonly pocket-sized to ensure that it is as secretive as possible. Depend® Shields are ultra-thin to prevent any drip-size leaks, while Depend® Guards are designed for maximum protection for larger leaks.
  • Incontinence Underwear
    • Depend® underwear is to be worn in place of fabric underwear to prevent leakage, but with the familiar feeling of wearing undergarments. They come in a variety of different styles, such as Silhouette® Underwear for women and Fresh Protection® Underwear for men, which are incredibly absorbent with elastic strands for a close-to-body fit that you won’t find in bulky adult diapers. Check out our full line of incontinence underwear for men & women.
  • Incontinence Briefs with Pull Tabs for Easy Changing
    • Depend® Protection with Tabs is a unisex incontinence brief that features 6 pull tabs for a custom fit and easy changing, at home or on the go. With soft side leakage barriers for additional protection against bladder leaks and a wetness indicator to let you know when it’s time to change, you can confidently go about your day in confidence and comfort.





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