Being a caregiver for a loved one is a commitment unlike any other. Find caregiver resources, support, and advice so you can both focus on what matters most.

Meet Dan and Kim

“Being a caregiver, you can know that I'm never going anywhere.” ~ Kim

Kim’s dad Dan is battling stage 4 prostate cancer, leaving her to balance his needs with taking care of her son, Evan. While she steps up to take care of her dad after surgery, Dan also steps up for his daughter by helping her raise his grandson. Together, they continue to strengthen their bond and bring their family closer.

Meet Clayton and Marie

“I get so much of my strength from my mom because she’s the strongest woman I know.” ~ Clayton

When Marie’s husband died five years ago, her son Clayton worried about the comfort and safety of his mom at home. But by keeping traditions alive like cooking Caribbean food and planning family get-togethers, they’ve helped their family stay close and connected.

Find caregiving help to sustain your strength

Caregiving 101: Tips for New Caregivers

Feel confident about providing the best care. Find resources on caregiving basics to help make caregiving easier for you both.


Advice to Help Your Loved One

From interactive activities to tips for staying together while you're apart, find resources to help you be the best caregiver for your loved one.


Care For You The Way You Care For Others

Get advice on taking care of yourself while caring for someone else.


Protected with Depend®

From outstanding dryness and protection to exceptional comfort, find great products that will help keep your loved one fresh from day to night.