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79% of women with urine leakage either don’t use products at all,
or use menstrual products1

82% of men
with urine leakage
don’t use products1

Why does this matter?

Not all absorbents are created equal

Absorption Not designed for the viscosity, volume, and rate of release of urine

Made of polyacrylate polymers which can absorb and retain up to 30-50 times their weight, capturing urine in a gel

May not be able to control odour, especially with greater volumes of fluid

Polymers help to trap and lock in odour

May not be able to absorb larger volumes of fluid, which can irritate the skin

Wick away urine and lock it into a gel to protect skin

User Made exclusively for women

Custom designed for both men and women in a variety of absorbencies and fits

Ask your incontinence patients
what they’re using to absorb leaks

and help them get started with products designed for their needs

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