Depend® Real Fit® Briefs for Men

Premium incontinence protection with a bold design inspired by your lifestyle. Available in 3 colours.

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Average Rating: 4.3/5

Everyday Protection

Depend® Real Fit® briefs are an essential part of your wardrobe. Pick your favorite color and wear it with confidence.

Customer Reviews

Average Rating:

4.3/5 | 571 Reviews

For my son

My 14 year old son wets the bed every night and sometimes has accidents during the day. He has been

Posted By: Pat in Pittsburgh


worst of the worst,leaks

worse than the old model, should be called OLD DON'T FIT LEAKY.

Posted By: wet bed stinky


great productI realy love

yes. The real-fit looks just like a regular underwear great underwear

Posted By: the best


Does not store well

This product does not store well. Expect it to pick up atmospheric moisture quickly. Unless in prist

Posted By: Clinton


Love the product but not

I truly did like the look and feel of these diapers and being a younger man with heavy incontinence

Posted By: aaron916


Good but could be better

I've been using these diapers for a few weeks now and overall they are pretty good. They are probabl

Posted By: John184


For my Dad

My 90 year old Dad is wearing these and the only problem he has is that there is no fly/opening in t

Posted By: 2 feathers


Great product

Very comfortable and don't worry about leaks. Only wear them when I go to bed and often forget I hav

Posted By: Bell82


Better than Flex Fit

I will say Real fit works the best. The only issue i have is as the active day progresses the liner

Posted By: Better than Flex


They work great for me

The fit is great. I first tried fit flex but like real fit better. Usually cant even tell i am weari

Posted By: Goodburger2000