Depend® Protection with Tabs

This absorbent brief features maximum absorbency and six adhesive tabs for easy changes while sitting, lying down, or standing.

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Average Rating: 3.2/5

Customer Reviews

Average Rating:

3.2/5 | 528 Reviews

Need change little

At first I had trouble with tapes since they are 3 small tapes per side think recommend should chan

Posted By: Bulldog90


Can’t get a good fit

Do you offer size samples? My 85 year old mother in law tried the xxl - legs were way too big and w

Posted By: Ellen55


Why did you remove the XL

My mom has used your product for almost 9 years Why would you retain the line and remove a size so

Posted By: KTP22


Bring back the XL adjusta

My 86 year old dad has been using the adjustable for 10 years ~ why would you discontinue???? The P

Posted By: bicapapa


Bring back XL adjustable!

Hello. I have been using your adjustable underwear for over 10 years. I wear the xl, and they have

Posted By: 1 Rue



Our disabled daughter is 41. We have used Depend's Adjustible Underwear for years. They fit great.

Posted By: Betsy214


comfortable diaper

These are great diapers perfer the plastic back they work better then the cloth seems to tear easil

Posted By: Snuggiehuggie


Minimum absorbency

Maximum absorbency more like minimum I peed one time and It leaked everywhere iv been wearing since

Posted By: Disappointed user


Did you discontinue the x

My mom needs the XL .... we can not find it anywhere. Did you discontinue the size xl? This is ver

Posted By: Bran


Not Comparable to the Adj

First and foremost this product is plastic backed unlike the Fabric backed adjustable underwear. Fab

Posted By: AngryIncontinentFemale

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