Sous-vêtements Depend® FIT-FLEX® pour hommes

Nos sous-vêtements de style classique vous offrent une protection fiable, maintenant dans plus de tailles pour un meilleur confort.

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Résultat moyen: 4.2/5

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4.2/5 | 703 Évaluations

Comfortable material fina

The sample product was great. The new top material did not cause the discomfort like the plastic t

Publié par: Poseypusher


short comings

waist band is too high making access too difficult when in a hurry and the absorbant material is too

Publié par: chuck 88


'Absorbent' Material Sepa

I am relatively new to the incontinence dilemma, I recently had prostate surgery, but Depend Fit-Fle

Publié par: Montana Man


Surprisingly comfortable

After prostate surgery, I was dreading months of "diapers" after my Foley catheter was removed. I pi

Publié par: Veteran


worthless product

no. design is three inches short in rear pad area. cost cutting Kimberly-Clarke? does not do what pa

Publié par: unhappy18


My boyfriend just moved f

My boyfriend is 19 and he still wets the bed and sometimes during the day. He was still wearing Good

Publié par: Bens girlfriend


They smell terrible when

This is a horrible product. You better change it the minute you get a pin size urine on it or it wil

Publié par: Stinky


Worst product on the mark

This product is so thin that it leaked inside my jeans and if I wear a dry one walking around it sta

Publié par: Scottp


They don’t fit my husband

XLarge is to small make something bigger so he can ware all the time he is a big guy 315 pounds and

Publié par: Meema87


A design similar to Goodn

These are great but as a young adult bedwetter I wish you had a better transition from Goodnites. I

Publié par: JamesJamison