Pare-fuites Depend® pour hommes

Protection ultra-mince contre les gouttes et les légers écoulements
qui se porte dans vos propres sous-vêtements.

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Résultat moyen: 3.9/5

Évaluations de clients

Résultat moyen:

3.9/5 | 112 Évaluations

not much good

it did not do it's job as the shield is 2 1/2" wide and the bottom of my fruit of the loom shorts i

Publié par: matt301



The product caused me skin irritation. This was a new problem after satisfactory use for 2 years.

Publié par: JoeW


They work!

I am at the end of my first box (58) count of "light" shields. They are doing what I needed, catchin

Publié par: greydog


Itch, Swelling

I have used this product for over a year. No problem. Great Product. However, since my last purchase

Publié par: Seekinghelp


Works well for light drip

The shield could be a little more discrete. Drop the blue printing and switch to a darker color pape

Publié par: Buster


Severe rash and irritatio

Been using this product for over a year all of a sudden I started to get a terrible rash seems like

Publié par: Eddy


too small for a large end

The depend shields are too small for a person well endowed. The pads are comfortable, however, they

Publié par: cano


Improvement Could Be Easy

The wings tend to fold over and could be better adhere if glue were used on the wings.

Publié par: CleyBoy


Not good

Only covers a small area and if you it moves much you'll miss the pad. If it gets to wet it will bu

Publié par: Busted Seams


They Work

I have been using these since receiving free samples. The Shields are comfortable to wear and they

Publié par: Davidjay