Protection avec attaches Depend®

Ces culottes absorbantes offrent une absorption maximale et comprennent six attaches adhésives pour faciliter les changements en position assise, couchée ou debout.

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Résultat moyen: 3.2/5

Évaluations de clients

Résultat moyen:

3.2/5 | 558 Évaluations

These diapers sure help m

Ever since I was diagnosed with lyme disease in 2014 I was bed ridden for two years. And I worried t

Publié par: Avril lavigne



Good product to purchase, Nice comfort and fittings

Publié par: Boopathi


Great design

This is a great classic design. The store shelves are littered with cloth outer layer. I understand

Publié par: Keni


Why not in store

Why are these diapers not available in stores? Stores only sell Depend pull ups that suck they leak

Publié par: Carl


Not ashamed to be inconti

I am 69 years old, and have been wearing Depend Maximum protection briefs with tabs for 8 years. Asi

Publié par: PaulGilS25


Available in stores

I want to know if this product is available in retail stores I can't seem to find them

Publié par: Sean45


Very helpful for my M.S.

I recently bought these for my M.S and this diaper sure help me out with that! For the times my legs

Publié par: Depend User


Great diaper

Depends Maximum with tabs is a really good product can go out and do the things you need to get done

Publié par: JH6321


Thank you!

I am so glad that you brought back the plastic version of this all-in-one brief with tabs. This is t

Publié par: Jahred


Great Diaper for Light Ab

I am a 32-year-old male, and after struggling with the embarrassment of dribble incontinence for a c

Publié par: michael88

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