Depend underwear is more than adult diapers

More than adult diapers

1 in 4* Americans experiences bladder leakage, but that doesn't mean they should have to wear something bulky and uncomfortable to help manage it. That's why we've designed many of our products to be less like adult diapers and more like regular underwear.

*Ages 20-85

Silhouette Active Fit underwear with more comfort than adult diapers

Silhouette® Active Fit* women

Depend® Silhouette® Active Fit* is our newest brief for women. It features a thin design for complete comfort and a lower rise than adult diapers. It even comes in black and beige to work with any wardrobe.

Silhouette for women and Real Fit for men are closer to underwear than adult diapers

Silhouette® & Real Fit® briefs women men

With a cotton-like fabric, an underwear-like fit and a slim side profile, Depend® Silhouette® for Women and Real Fit® briefs for Men are far from adult diapers.

Unlike Adult Diapers, Depend Underwear is quiet and soft

Depend® Underwear women men

Depend® for Men and Depend® for Women Underwear feature a convenient slip-on style with the discreet, comfortable fit of FIT-FLEX™ Protection. They have snug, brief-like leg openings and unlike adult diapers, they're soft, quiet and breathable.

Guards and shields for men are an alternative to adult diapers

Guards & Shields men

Depend® Guards and Shields for Men are a great alternative to adult diapers. The cup-shaped protection is worn inside briefs or boxer briefs and keeps guys covered where they need it most.

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Learn the bladder basics

Read our FAQs to find bladder health tips and find out why adult diapers aren't the only way to protect yourself from leaks.

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Learn why adult diapers aren't the only way to prevent leaks
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