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Bladder Leakage Products for Women

The right product

We offer a variety of Depend® incontinence products designed specifically to fit a woman’s body just right. They come in Moderate, Maximum and Overnight absorbencies, offering you outstanding protection against leaks and odours.

Silhouette® Briefs

  • Thin, feminine design for complete comfort
  • Breathable cotton-like fabric
  • Super absorbent material for Trusted Protection
  • Comfortable leg elastics to help prevent leaks
  • Elastic waist band with a low rise
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FIT-FLEX® Underwear

  • Beautifully Designed.
    Unbelievably Soft.
  • New beautiful designs,same Trusted Protection
  • Our fastest absorbing materialfor dry, comfortable incontinence protection
  • Ultra soft fabric that moves with you
  • Comfortable leg elasticsTo help prevent leaks
  • Maximum Absorbency
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Night Defense® Underwear

  • Up to 12 hours of protection
  • New beautiful designs,same Trusted Protection
  • Our fastest absorbing material for dry, comfortable incontinence protection
  • Ultra soft fabricthat moves with you
  • Comfortable leg elasticsTo help prevent leaks
  • Overnight absorbencyfor lightweight, heavy protection
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Each product features a thin, ultra-absorbent pad made of super-absorbent polymers that draw wetness in quickly and away from the skin while locking in odours. All our products are free of natural rubber latex and contain no lotion or fragrances.

To learn more about our custom range of women’s products and see which one best suits your needs, visit our product page

Disposing the product

Depend®products are absorbent enough to withstand multiple wettings of varying amounts. It is recommend that you wear them once and toss them in a trash bag or other waste containers. You should never flush them because of their super-absorbent material.

Underwater etiquette

Depend® products are not made for washing, just wearing. We unfortunately do not have products designed for swimming either.

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A worthy alternative

Do you experience light bladder leaks (drips or spurts) only when you sneeze, laugh or cough?

Poise®offers a range of liners and pads with different levels of absorbency to give women worry-free bladder leakage protection that works with their underwear. Find out which Poise® product works best for you here.

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