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Helpful Tips for Choosing the Right Absorbent Product

2 Dec, 2021
Helpful Tips for Choosing the Right Absorbent Product

Helpful Tips for Choosing the Right Absorbent Product

Whether you have occasional light leaks or frequent, larger amounts all at one time, wearing the right protection can make all the difference. And the right absorbent product is not just about keeping you dry, but the confidence that comes with knowing you’re protected—no worries! Fortunately, there are options that have you covered no matter what your leakage incidents. The good news is, finding the right product to meet your needs is easier than ever. Three levels of questions can help determine your best solution.

What Level of Protection do You Need?

The frequency and amount of your leakage determines the absorbency option you’ll need. Consider whether your leakage is light, moderate or heavy and seek out products labeled to match. Be sure to choose a product that is specifically designed for bladder leakage. Feminine pads are not designed to lock in urine and protect you the same way modern bladder leakage solutions like Depend® brand products.

What Activity Level Reflects your Lifestyle?

If you’re an active woman, you’ll want a product that protects during any fitness activity and wherever your day takes you. Choose a product that’s both easy to carry and easy to change. If you’re less active, there are convenient solutions that fit your lifestyle, too. Our product selection tool makes it easy to find the right product.

What fit will provide the best comfort level?

Men and women have different needs so choose a product made specifically for your female body. Products also come in a variety of sizes to further assure the right fit and comfort.

Style and Protection Just For You

Depend® makes a variety of absorbent products. First decide whether you prefer a step-in pant or one that opens at the sides. Then explore your options from there.

Depend® Offers Four Styles for Women in Two Levels of Absorbency.

Depend® for Women Underwear in soft peach has an oval-cut leg openings for a comfortable fit and protection where it’s most needed. Soft, quiet, and breathable, they’re available in both moderate and maximum absorbencies.

  • Depend® for Women Underwear in a variety of colors comes in discreet underwear-like packaging. Designed for a woman’s body, the product looks and fits like real underwear offering moderate absorbency and discreet protection.
  • Depend® Adjustable Underwear provides maximum absorbency and discreet changing without having to remove your pants and shoes, whether at home or on the go. Perforated sides neatly tear open with four pre-fastened tabs to close securely.
  • Depend® Protection with Tabs offer maximum absorbency and is designed with EasyGrip™ tabs for discreet open changing. It also features a wetness indicator line so you know when it’s time to change with additional side leakage protection built in. The side opening make them a great solution for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) or IBS like symptoms.To help you find the best product for you and your needs, get a customized recommendation with our online product finder.
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