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Thank you for your interest in Depend®. Got a question about our products? Fill out the email form below, call us directly or send us a letter. We won't share your name, address or phone number with anyone. Our team of customer service professionals is dedicated to answering thoroughly and as quickly as possible.

In the meantime, browse our Incontinence Help section to get answers to common questions about bladder leakage.

Please note that while we appreciate your comments and we're happy to answer your questions, we cannot accept unsolicited ideas, suggestions or materials relating to the development, design, manufacture or marketing of our products.

Unfortunately, we are not offering any samples at the moment. That being said, check out all available coupons for Depend incontinence products.

Depend® Money Back Guarantee is available. We are committed to providing the best experience to our customers. Purchase any Depend® Fresh ProtectionTM (Maximum Absorbency), Depend® Night Defense® product, Depend® Protection Plus+ Ultimate, Depend® Real Fit, or Silhouette® products and if you are not completely satisfied, we’ll give you your money back. Check out our Money Back Guarantee page for more details.

While it is up to stores to decide the products they carry on their shelves, we do have a handy “Store Finder” on each of our product pages to help you locate our products online and in stores. Alternatively, you can also visit our Buy-Online page to see all the shopping options.

Our products do not contain natural rubber latex. To see a full list of the ingredients included in our products, click here.

Depend® Guards for MenTM and Depend® Shields for MenTM were created for men with an active lifestyle.The cup-like shape are made for a man’s body, and fit easily inside briefs or boxer briefs. They are not designed for boxers.

Our Depend® products are not flushable and need to be thrown away in the trash after each use.

8-12 hours is typically the max we’d recommend wearing our products. They may also need to be changed more frequently depending on personal need.

No. Depend® products are for one time use and made to be thrown away after being soiled.

We’re happy to help you find the right fit! You can take our short incontinence product quiz to find out which form of protection is right for you. You can also use our size guides on any of our product pages to check the measurements and find the perfect fit.

Each of our underwear products have a visible indicator on the inside of the product to show which side should be in the front or back.

All of our Depend® products do not have an added scent.

Depend® has you covered. That’s why we’ve created this tool to help you find the right Depend® product. Take our incontinence product quiz to find the right product for you.

Protection with Tabs – Maximum are our most absorbent brief featuring six adhesive tabs for easy changes while sitting, lying down, or standing.

All of our incontinence underwear for men and women lines have multiple sizes that fit a range of people, including plus sizes.

Our Depend® products are designed and tested for urinary incontinence, not bowel incontinence.

Product safety is of upmost importance to us, and at Kimberly-Clark we do not test our products, raw materials or ingredients using live animal test methods unless required by law, regulation, or governmental agency, or if an alternative test is unavailable. For many years, Kimberly-Clark has encouraged the development of non-animal test methods. Additional information is available here on our Kimberly-Clark website.

In 2017, Kimberly-Clark maintained our Sustainability leadership status and achieved an A- score in CDP Climate, Forests, Water and Supply Chain rankings.

Not really. Current landfill sites are operated as sealed environments with restricted air and water flow. Operating a landfill in this way allows the capture of methane gas that can be converted to energy. Kimberly-Clark (makers of Depend® disposable underwear and guards) is currently using methane from a landfill at our Beech Island Manufacturing Facility. This sealed landfill environment is how consumer waste such as disposable diapers is currently disposed of in the United States (1). Depend® Brand will continue to design products that are compatible with customary disposal methods; as disposal technologies change, Depend® diapers will change. (1) United States EPA Landfill Guidelines.
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Kimberly-Clark and our brands are working to create long term social impact that improves the lives of people in need through initiatives focused on improving access to sanitation, helping children thrive and empowering women and girls. Our global programs such as Toilets Change Lives and No Baby Unhugged, along with numerous other country and regional programs, are focused on improving the well-being of millions of people in need. Due to our commitments to these global programs, we cannot support individual requests. If you need help getting essential products for yourself or someone you care about, please contact the National Diaper Bank Network or the Alliance for Period Supplies. We’re proud to support these organizations as founding sponsors, and directly donate your interest in Kimberly-Clark and our products.
Kimberly-Clark is eager to receive your comments and answer your questions about our products and our company. However, we are not seeking, nor can we accept, unsolicited ideas, suggestions or materials relating to the development, design, manufacture or marketing of our products. By adhering to this policy, we hope to avoid subsequent misunderstandings among members of the public who submit comments or ideas relating to products or concepts developed by Kimberly-Clark's employees. We appreciate your interest in Kimberly-Clark.
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