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7 Moves to Manage Bladder Leakage

2 Dec. 2021
5 Simple Lifestyle Changes You Can Start Today

7 Moves to Manage Bladder Leakage

Controlling bladder leaks doesn’t require one big Herculean effort. Instead, successful management can be as simple as making a few small changes to your daily routines. Here are 7 small moves that can help make a big difference in your success.

1. Decaffeinate 1 Cup at a Time

Coffee, tea, and colas can all be significant irritants to your bladder. Because caffeine is also a diuretic, it can cause you to produce more urine and set your bladder into overdrive. If quitting caffeinated coffee or soda altogether is too challenging, try drinking one less cup a day by substituting decaf.

2. Have 1 Less Beer

Beer, wine and liquor are all diuretics that cause the bladder to fill quickly and trigger an urgency to void. Additionally, alcohol impairs the signal between the bladder and the brain, interfering with bladder control and increasing the likelihood of accidents. Limit your alcohol intake or avoid it altogether.

3. Add 1 Glass of Water

Drinking plenty of water is an important component to bladder management and you should strive for six to seven 8-ounce glasses of water a day. Add a glass to your morning routine. Try drinking one full glass of water the first thing every morning.

4. Do 1 Extra Set of Kegels

Kegel exercises are small, strategic movements that, when done properly, can strengthen your pelvic-floor muscles in order to maintain or increase bladder control. Because you can do these exercises anytime and anywhere, do an extra set daily while in a meeting or in the car.

5. Void 2 Times Before Bedtime

Most people go to the bathroom right before they hit the sack. Try urinating not once, but twice before bedtime.

6. Eliminate 1 Trigger Food

Many people find certain foods can trigger the urge and that making simple dietary modifications can make a difference in controlling their bladders. Spicy foods, citrus fruits and juices, and acidic foods like tomatoes and tomato sauces are all common culprits. If you suspect a potential trigger food, eliminate it from your diet for two weeks to verify its impact.

7. Lose 5 Percent

Carrying around extra pounds can have a negative effect on your bladder health. Being overweight can put pressure on the bladder and nearby muscles, further contributing to bladder leakage. If you need to lose, a weight loss of just 5 to 10 percent can help improve bladder function. Little Things Mean a Lot By making a few small moves, you can experience a big difference in your bladder control success and in your everyday enjoyment level.

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