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Absorbency Guide

Discover the ideal level of absorbency for your unique needs with our helpful guide, which outlines the capacity of each product.
Absorbency Guide
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Not sure which product is right for you?

Depend® has you covered. That’s why we’ve created this tool to help you find the right incontinence product. Take this quick quiz to get a personalized product recommendation for you!
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Our range of incontinence products For Him and For Her can help to ease the stresses of being incontinent by increasing mobility and independence. Our tailored range of absorbent undergarments, which includes underwear and fitted briefs, offers discreet and reliable protection, allowing complete confidence for men and women.

Learning about the differences between distinct kinds of incontinence is the first step towards gaining greater freedom. Depend are committed to helping at every stage of learning to live with incontinence. We can take you through causes, symptoms and treatments, as well as the best ways to stay motivated, prevent burnout, and carry out ongoing management.

Living with temporary or ongoing incontinence can be made easier with the right guidance and some specialist support from Depend.