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Coupon For Silhouette Real Fit

Real Fit® or Silhouette® Briefs

Maximum absorbency and premium protection that looks, fits and feels like real underwear.

Coupon For FitFlex

FIT-FLEX® Underwear

Featuring our fastest absorbing material for dry, comfortable protection.

Coupon For Silhouette Active Fit

Silhouette® Active Fit® Products

Moderate absorbency with a thin design and a lower rise for complete comfort.

Coupon For Guards n Shields

Guards or Shields for Men

Discreet protection that comfortably fits inside your own briefs.

Coupon For Bed Protectors

Bed Protectors

Protection designed for your home.

Coupon For Night Defense

Night Defense* Underwear for Women

Maximum absorbency that looks, fits and feels like real underwear.