Depend® FIT-FLEX® Underwear for Women

Our classic underwear-style Trusted Protection, now in more sizes for better comfort.

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Average Rating: 4.5/5
"Depend® FIT-FLEX feels tailored to me."
-Sadie J. – Real Depend® User
Thanks to more sizes and better comfort, Sadie can spend more time with her family.

Customer Reviews

Average Rating:

4.5/5 | 1452 Reviews

So happy now med size

Yes I do feel more confident that is does not leak

Posted By: disgogrammy


Too low in front

I feel you have hidden the actual fit of these by not showing the actual fit in the stomach/rise are

Posted By: sofie


Seam on the OUTSIDE of un

I don't understand why in the world you would make this underwear with the seams on the outside. Ver

Posted By: pcraig


Not happy with these.

I was excited to see a true size small! I bought the maximum absorbancy because that is all the stor

Posted By: 3babiesin3years


Depends for women need mo

64" waist ... NOT!! as someone with swelling to a size 50" waist it just doesn't work for me, How

Posted By: pansie


Good for going out

It is comfortable and held all small accidents while out with friends. I recently had to star wearin

Posted By: Julieanne


You need larger sizes

It does the job but you need to work on your sizing structure, as well as offer bigger sizes. I wear

Posted By: Chris60



Yes felt comfortable, wish they would stretch more and could get them in a larger size

Posted By: Bev69


Too small

Need a 3x size,tried a sample of XL. I wear 3x knit pants,want a product that will pull up over my t

Posted By: Susie M A 39


In need of help.

No it was not comfortable because of being to small. It leaked a lot because of this fact. Please ma

Posted By: nannysister